4 spots to appreciate Bukidnon’s coffee

There are three things to keep in mind when you’re going to Bukidnon, a province in Northern Mindanao: 1) it’s not a usual option for vacation especially for beach lovers like me because, 2) it’s far (really far) from the beach, and 3) it’ll cost you almost four hours to reach the province.

Being located on a plateau, Bukidnon allowed me to enjoy a cold weather like Baguio. As in, it really feels like Baguio, no aircon needed! Unfortunately, I was in Bukidnon for work so I wasn’t able to visit their must-see destinations. But the good thing is, I learned that Bukidnon is actually popular for their coffee. In fact, I’ve read that Bukidnon was even recognized as a coffee province because of its world class coffee beans.

So during my free time, I made sure to try and enjoy their coffee! But let me emphasize that I actually had to rely on Google Maps because I wasn’t really able to find articles citing the best spots to appreciate the famous coffee beans of the province. Thus, I write this to guide coffeeholics like me who also want to visit the province and check the cafes in Malaybalay, the capital of Bukidnon.

Here’s my list:

Bukidnon Brew CafeLRM_EXPORT_154783443887366_20180916_092947444LRM_EXPORT_294759698947471_20180919_083547669

My fave cafe in the province would probably be the Bukidnon Brew Café (BBC). I saw that this café used the Monks Blend, crafted by the Benedictine monks from the Monastery of Transfiguration and one of the most popular coffee brands in Bukidnon as recommended by the locals themselves. The café has a homey vibe and you can actually opt to enjoy your coffee indoors or outdoors. If you need to work, there are sockets available and they offer free wifi.  Loves, their iced americano was so good that I had to go back and order the same drink during our last day in the province! (Location: Bonifacio Dr, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon)

Le Café


Le Café is a coffee shop located in front of the Malaybalay’s Rizal Park. Although it’s a small café, it’s very cozy with its (sort of) European style. Le Café has a good selection on their menu as well. My friend actually preferred this café over BBC. We ordered pancakes, coffee, matcha latte, and red velvet cake and I can say that they’re pretty good considering the cheap price! (Location: Fortich Street, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon)



As per my friend, YAKĀ actually means “squat” or “sit on the floor” in Bisaya. Personally, I don’t think that this place is a coffee shop. It’s more of a resto bar because most of the people around us were actually drinking beers (and eating burgers). I just happened to encounter its name while searching on Google Maps for cafes in Malaybalay. Since I thought that it’s a café, I ordered their brewed coffee (only P35) and fries. Aside from its cheap menu, I like YAKĀ’s chill vibe and its “nipa hut” look. (Location: YAKĀ, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon)

Del Rio’s Cafe


Idk why it’s so cheap in Bukidnon, but not like I’m complaining. I actually happened to try the cheapest Matcha Latte in Del Rio’s Cafe, a neighborhood café located near our hotel. The latte only costs P50, imagine? But to be fair, it’s not the best matcha latte I tried but I was just fascinated on how cheap it was because you know, inflation (hehe). Anyways, if you just want to chill and enjoy the cold weather, it’s a pretty decent coffee shop to visit. (Location:  Claro M. Recto Street, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon)

There you go! In the near future, if you’ll be in Cagayan de Oro and randomly, you decide to go to Bukidnon just to hunt for cafes, I hope you’ll check this post Loves.

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