5 places to visit in Macau when you only have a day to spare

Macau is another autonomous region of China. I think, what makes Macau special is the fact that it was a Portuguese territory until the end of the 90s. Thus, when you go to Macau, you could really see the mix of cultural influences. Also known as the “Las Vegas of Asia,” the region is popular for casinos.

What to do in Macau when you only have a day to spare? Well Loves, you should visit the following:

Fisherman’s Wharf


Number one on my list is the Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, located at Macau’s outer harbor, just five mins walk from Macau Ferry Terminal and Heliport. More than a wharf, the place is famous for its European-themed architecture which houses stores, restaurants, hotels, casino, amphitheater, and an exhibition center. The place is so touristy so make sure to arrive early to have good photos.

The Ruins of St. PaulLRM_EXPORT_191351305192288_20180901_172239038

The Ruins of St. Paul is probably the most famous landmark in Macau.  Listed as part of the Historic Centre of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the ruins are what left of the Church of St. Paul/ Mater Dei— a Portuguese church dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle. The place is few mins walk from Senado Square so make sure that you pay it a visit but I can’t promise that you can have a decent photo because of the influx of tourists.

Senado Square


Senado Square/ Largo de Senado was previously a meeting place for the Chinese and Portuguese from 16th to 18th century. There are lot of stores and restaurants in Senado Square so it’s fun to walk around the area.  If you want a caffeine fix, you can check Blooom Coffee House, only 10 mins walk from Senado Square!

The Parisian Macao


Macau is not only popular with giant casinos but also with luxury hotels and malls such as The Parisian Macao.  If you’re traveling on budget, you can opt not to shop but just visit the place to have your photos taken in front of Macau’s half scale Eiffel Tower.

The Venetian MacaoLRM_EXPORT_191688291235624_20180901_172816024LRM_EXPORT_191779118427943_20180901_172946851

Just few mins walk from Parisian Macau, you can find another luxury hotel and casino resort— The Venetian Macao, the largest casino in the world. Of course, we didn’t go here to shop because it will surely slash most of our budget, but I suggest that you still pay the casino a visit— you know just to buy some souvenirs and take photos around the famous San Luca Canal.

So that’s it Loves, these were the places we visited in Macau. I’ll blog about our HK itinerary soon so stay tuned! Make sure to follow @loveexplores on FB and IG!



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