Enjoy Baguio’s Cold Weather with these Cafes

Baguio is known to be the Philippines’ Summer Capital because of its high altitude and cool climate. Locals and tourists flock in the city during summer— or even during the rainy months— to enjoy the cold air and visit famous landmarks including Burnham Park, Mines View Park, Wright Park, and The Mansion, among others.

We recently went to Baguio for an event— unfortunately during a typhoon— so during our break, we decided to visit nearby cafes, because what’s better way to enjoy the cold weather than sip a good hot coffee, right Loves?

Next time you’re in Baguio, don’t forget to check these cafes:

Cafe by the Ruins Dua


Cafe by the Ruins Dua is the first branch of the iconic Cafe by the Ruins Baguio, which was hit by fire in 2017 but fortunately, has now finally reopened! During your visit, make sure to try their Ruins Espresso and Rizal’s Tsokolate-e. (Location: 225 Upper Session Road, Baguio City)

Quoted Cafe


If you’re a sucker of anything-with-salted-eggs just like me, then make sure to visit this cafe in V Hotel Apartel. For a reasonable price, you can enjoy a good serving of their Salted Egg Fries or Salted Egg Chicken. Make sure to try their wide selection of drinks including my personal fave, the Red Velvet Latte. (Location: V Hotel Apartel, Bukaneg, Baguio City)

Beans Talk


Fellow millennials, do you still remember the popular story of Jack and the Beanstalk? If Jack is real, he might consider climbing this cafe in Session Road! Strategically located near the wagwagan, just right infront of McDonalds, Beans Talk is a popular hangout place for students and professionals alike. (Location: MPB Building, 45 Session Rd, Baguio City)

Cafe Lusso


As I’m writing this part, craving for ramen is kicking in (really Love, you’re on a diet!)! Isn’t it unique for a cafe to offer ramen? Anyways, it was raining badly that night so we thought having ramen would not be a bad idea. But, if you were me, would you also try this coffee-ramen-kimchi combo? (Location: Ecco One Building, General Luna Road, Baguio City)

The Coffee Library Baguio


The Coffee Library became our instant fave when we visited La Union, so we made sure to visit their branch in Baguio as well. During our visit, we tried their Fish and Chips, Buffalo Wings, Sisig Rice Bowl, and Crispy Chicken Burger and fell in love all over again! Thank God because to date, we don’t need to go North just to visit this cafe as they already opened their newest branch in Pasay. (Location: Rex Hall, Upper Bonifacio Street, Baguio City)

I’m curious Loves, what are your fave cafes in Baguio? Make sure to share these with me on @loveexplores FB and IG page!

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