We chased the storm to pig out in LU

Hi Loves! I’m back. So, my office recently held a big event in Baguio last last week. Since it’s work, which fortunately held during the wrath of  tropical storm Karding, we weren’t able to make a tour in Baguio, but the good news is, we happened to visit some cute cafes during our stay. Maybe, I’ll blog about that soon (hehe).

For now, I want to share what we did after the event— and that is to go to a nearby province which is La Union.

It was actually an impulse decision. No plans at all. Of course, we didn’t expect to try surfing bacause of the storm. We just wanted to visit the beach, relax, chill, and rest even just for a day or two. So even though we knew that the weather will be bad in LU, we still decided to chase the storm Karding to do what we love to do the most which is to pig out (yikes).

We left Baguio at around 7AM and took a taxi going to Partas terminal where we bought our ticket going to Laoag, to descend at San Fernando, LU. I don’t remember the exact fare, but I think, it’s around 100 plus pesos.

At around 9AM, we arrived in LU with our [four to five] bags from our recent Baguio work trip while raining. NKKLK talaga but ginusto namin yun! Btw, we decided to stay in Monaliza Surf Resort, which is very affordable and strategically located in front of the beach.

Again, we didn’t do anything in LU aside from eating (LOL!). The boys we were with were able to surf and swim despite the storm, but we, girls, just slept and ate (cos that what girls do best charot).

It’s actually my second time in LU so I am somewhat familiar with what to do or where to eat in the vicinity. But since the trip was spontaneous, we just went with the flow. A year seems too long tho as we already encountered new cafes and restos in the area.

So Loves, here’s a list of the places that we went to:

Coffee Library


I first fell in love with this cafe during our first visit in LU. If you love Vietnamese Coffee like I do, then don’t hesitate to check the Coffee Library. Aside from their coffee, I assure you that you’ll also like their breakfast meals, burgers, pastas, and hot choco. To date, they have three branches already: one in Baguio, another one in LU, and good news MNL peeps, their new branch is in Pasay (specifically, in Breeze Mall, Roxas Blvd). (Location: Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union)

Tipple & Brew


Tipple & Brew is a new cafe that we encountered in LU and it’s located beside our favorite Coffee Library. Based on looks, I prefer the cozy Coffee Library since Tipple & Brew is smaller. We just wanted to try a new cafe before we headed back to MNL and we decided to go here. As per my friend, Tipple & Brew is famous for their craft beer but since I’m not a fan of beers and being the coffeeholic I am, I chose to have their Longganisa and iced cafe latte instead. Nothing spectacular about the coffee, but I loved their longganisa. I also tried the pancake that my friend ordered and it’s really good! (Location: Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union)

BeachBum Food Park


What better way to conquer the cold weather than eat a hot Korean ramen from the newest food park in LU— the Beach Bum. If you are looking for a place where you can chill and with tons of local and even international food choices, then don’t hesitate to visit this place. You can also enjoy the acoustic night despite the heavy rains. (Location: Urbiztondo Road, San Juan, La Union)

El Union Coffee


El Union Coffee is a popular coffee shop in LU among locals and tourists. Every blogger I followed on IG who goes to LU makes sure to have their photos taken at this cafe. You see, when you also googled for the “best coffee shops” in LU, the first cafe you’ll see is El Union Coffee. The cafe is said to be popular for their dirty white coffees, horchata, and indoor s’mores.  Although I prefer to stay in Coffee Library, what I like about El Union is its chill vibe and location (just few steps away from the beach). (Location: Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union)

Clean Beach Co. 


Clean Beach Co. is another cafe that we discovered during our short stay in LU. It is a beachside cafe located near Flotsam & Jetsam Hostel and is known for its eco-friendly initiatives and advocacy of protecting LU’s beaches. It’s raining badly that day so we decided to look for a nearby cafe where we can eat our breakfast. Luckily, it’s near our resort! (Location: Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union)

Actually Loves, if not for the bad weather, we could have done so many things in LU. We could have went back to Luna Pebble Beach, surfed for the second time, hiked the Tangadan Falls, and visited more restos and cafes. But no regrets, I was just very thankful that we were able to relax for a bit and that nothing bad happened.

So there Loves, don’t forget to check this blog when planning your itineraries for LU! Make sure to check my IG (@loveexplores) for more pictures! Thanks for reading Loves!

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